Happy 4th of July, Firecracker Run 2010

Happy 4th of July to all of us America! :)

I hope everyone has a great time with fireworks and races and bratwursts, beer, parties, and all!!!

Anyone else running the East Moline Firecracker Run downtown East Moline? This year 2010 my father Joe Moreno is directing it again and putting in long hours and tons of work, along with many other good people who are all contributing to making an awesome race!!!

Enjoy folks, it should be an awesome time!!!

Happy Birthday Maja Maj!

Hey buddy, you are now on the scoreboard, at the big 1, heheheee, we love you, and all of us from Asia love and miss you, Uncle Zachy, and your cousins Blacky, Panda, and UK :)

Love you miss you buddy, when I get back uncle Shacky gonna cook some mac n cheese for us!

Our extraordinary Grandma Moreno made this wonderful monkey cake for our Major: