You know you’re from the Quad Cities when……..

My sister sent me this, I thought it was funny, I was laughing, of course I’m from the good ole Quad Shitties, I mean Cities LOL

    You Know You’re From Quad Cities When…

    You know what the phone number is for “Car Dead Call Fred”!

    You refer to the Mississippi River as “The River”

    You have to watch the paper to see which bridge would be best to get across “The River”, since they are all are being worked on

    You know that Joes, Franks, Shortys, Clints, and Nancy’s are not names, but pizza places

    You know that Whitey’s is an Ice Cream place, not a racial term

    You know that South Park is the name of a mall, not a television show

    You know that Daisy Dooks is off of I-280, not a character on a television show

    You know that Tuxedos is not a place you rent one from

    You will stand in line for over an hour to buy “sculpted concrete”

    You know that Milan is not pronounced like the one that is the fashion capital of the world

    You know that “Magic Mountain” refers to a meal, not an amusement park ride

    You use the term “Palmer” as a familiar landmark

    You don’t crash into a low clearance bridge driving on Brady or Harrison street

    You know that pork is THE white meat, not THE OTHER white meat

    You have used the phrase, “stupid Iowan” or “go back to Illinois”!

    You have to dial long distance to call someone within sight across the river, but dial a local number for someone twenty minutes away

    You know that the coming of spring mean that the Rock River WILL flood. Your house WILL be under water, and you’re ok with it.

    You measure distance in minutes, not in miles

    You THINK you know what four cities make up the Quad Cities. No one really knows.

    You know what Evel Knievel sounds like when he’s mad

    You hear someone say, “I’m on Kimberly” and you do not think it is something sexual

    You can pay $14 for a round of golf

    You know that the Slider run refers to getting burgers, not to running a race

    You cannot see a White Castle restaurant for hours

    You can name 2 dorks!

    You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Quad Cities.